Finally, a no-compromise solution to food grade compostable packaging

We created and patented* a compostable, non-coated food packaging solution from a new material called SupraPulp™.

SupraPulp™ packaging can be used for hot, wet and greasy foods. It will not leak nor absorb liquids and oils. You can heat food in SupraPulp™ in up to
270˚c and freeze it in as low as -40˚c.

Unlike the rest

SupraPulp™ isn’t like other compostable food packaging solutions.
It’s non-coated, omniphobic, and remains completely unaffected by liquids and oils.
It’s even microwave, oven and freezer safe, making it a great replacement for rigid plastic.

Custom design

Time to reduce plastic in your business?
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Our customers

Food manufacturers

Frozen foods, ready meals, fresh meat, produce


Schools, hospitals,
caterers, police, prisons


Airlines, trains, ships


Take away, home
delivery, onsite

On a mission to end plastic

We’re taking a big stride towards a plastic free world by offering a revolutionary innovation that contributes to the protection of the environment and value chain of both nature and humans.

Home Compostable

FDA & EU direct food
contact approval




Microwave safe

Oven safe

Metals free

Formaldehyde free

Pesticide free

Bisphenol A free

*Patent pending