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Ryanair announces an Environmental plan which includes a commitment to eliminate all non-recyclable plastics from its operations over the next five years. SUPRAPULP – W-Cycle’s innovative pulp technology – HOTRAY food trays are compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, toxin-free, metal-free, moisture and heat-resistant (up to 220˚C/430˚F). Our Hotray has been chosen as a winner and finalist as “Best Waste Saving Initiative” and “Best Sustainable Packaging” at “WORLD Food Innovation Award” 2017!


W-Cycle was established in 2016, when it acquired all the rights and knowhow from Ecosi, a company, which had started its R&D process back in 2003. Ecosi’s main mission was to develop bioplastic packaging and to focus mainly on eco – friendly packaging solutions. By the end of 2010, Joseph Siani, who is the inventor and the original founder of Escosi, realized that there is a huge market opportunity out there for fully compostable products of heavy-duty catering food trays.
Throughout the following four years, the R&D was completed and all required certifications and approvals were obtained. At 2016, Ecosi sold all the company rights to W-Cycle. Together with the original founder and inventor, Mr. Joseph Siani, and with a new board and investors, the new venture by the name of W-Cycle was under way.

iconWcycle Executive team

Mr. Oran Scott, Chairman & CFO
Oran specializes in international industry development through cooperation with the Israeli Kibbutz Movement. He is the CFO of ‘Kibbutz Gan-Shmuel’ as well as director and management team member of several companies with global businesses. Oran holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics and management and a Master’s degree in law. 

Mr. Geva Adut, C.E.O
Geva specializes in International trade of raw materials for the food industry. Over the past four years, he lead the trading company ‘Trisun’ to excellent results through penetration into new markets and by offering new & innovative products.

Mr. Joseph Siani, Founder and C.T.O
Joseph Siani is the founder and Chief Technology Officer of W-Cycle. Throughout his career, Joseph held a variety of Senior Research & Development positions for several Global Packaging Companies. Having advised for major Food Packaging Companies particularly in the field of Sustainability, Joseph has extensive packaging consulting experience.