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Ryanair announces an Environmental plan which includes a commitment to eliminate all non-recyclable plastics from its operations over the next five years. SUPRAPULP – W-Cycle’s innovative pulp technology – HOTRAY food trays are compostable, recyclable, biodegradable, toxin-free, metal-free, moisture and heat-resistant (up to 220˚C/430˚F). Our Hotray has been chosen as a winner and finalist as “Best Waste Saving Initiative” and “Best Sustainable Packaging” at “WORLD Food Innovation Award” 2017!

W-Cycle has developed state-of-the-art biotechnology that will revolutionize the world of packaging with 100% compostable and eco-friendly material. Following four years of continuous Research & Development, we are immensely proud to present a new compostable material called SUPRAPULP, which was developed through innovative fiber technology. Our breakthrough innovation will eventually contribute substantially to the protection of the environment and to the value chain of both the nature and humans.

Our innovative patent is the first ever eco-friendly & compostable, single use packaging solution. A GREEN product, meant to replace non-environmental friendly, disposable trays for hot, readymade meals used both privately and in the heavy-duty catering industry.  As opposed to the current environmentally hazardous products  made from materials such as CPET , Plastic and Aluminum, W-Cycle’s Bagasse pulp based and lamination free SUPRAPULP material  is 100% compostable. It can withstand oven temperatures of up to 270C for 1.5 minutes, 200C for 30 minutes and deep freezing for one year. The product holds all the needed official certifications and it is compatible with flow pack for M.A.P abilities and film tray sealing.