Patented* technology

100% Compostable, food grade packaging

SupraPulp™, developed by W-Cycle, is a patented*, field-tested, liquid and oil proof replacement for plastic. SupraPulp™ based packaging is both microwave and oven safe.

Its unique characteristics allow it to hold food in temperatures varying from
-40°c to 270°c ideal for catering solutions, transportation, institutions, frozen food manufacturers and restaurants.


Our secret sauce



Pulp from any feedstock can be used as a basis for our products. Sugarcane bagasse, reed, wood, banana leaves—any fiber can form the shape of the product and provide its mechanical properties.

Feedstock is a renewable resource. By using the waste of a renewable resource, we’re doubling the positive impact.

Our secret sauce

Our patented* repellent technology prevents the wetting of the packaging by foods containing oily and moist ingredients and enables high-quality performance in extreme temperature and high moisture environments.

In the works

W-Cycle is currently creating Next Generation SupraPulp™, which aims to be a compostable high-barrier solution for the food and beverage packaging market based on our existing patent*.

*Patent pending